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Silly Questions with Silly Answers!

What are caterpillars afraid of?
(Submitted by Kelsey Host.)

Why is the letter T like an island?
(Submitted by Divya Philip)

Why can't Batman go fishing?
(Submitted by mlsgordon.)

Why was the broom late for breakfast?
(Submitted by Tymurah)

Why did the farmer bury all his money in his fields?
(Submitted by Dimple Prasad.)

What did one eye say to the other?
(Submitted by Shelli Craig)

What should never be eaten after its served?
(Submitted by Soccer 101)

What did the tie say to the hat?
(Submitted by Lucas Lee Astle)

Which side of a duck has the most feathers?
(Submitted by Dan Trachtenberg)

What did the ghost say to the invisible man?
(Submitted by Betty Yang)

What music do Mummies like?
(Submitted by Rebecca Flaten)

What did the math book say to the history book?
(Submitted by Rebecca Flaten)

What did the doctor say to the man who complained he was shrinking?
(Submitted by Roger Lang)

What did King Kong say when he called the wrong number?
(Submitted by Vivian Pimentel)

How do you make seven even?
(Submitted by Erica Shaffer)

What do you call a country where all the automobiles are pink?
(Submitted by RCABEACH)

What do snakes do after they have a fight?
(Submitted by Tyler T.)

How many seconds are in a year?
(Submitted by Sheila M.)

What kind of witch lives on the beach?
(Submitted by Treasure D.)

When is a car not a car?
(Submitted by Jeff Allen)

What is yours, but your friends use it more than you do?
(Submitted by Navinduth M.)

What do skeletons use to communicate?
(Submitted by Natalie F)

Why do dogs scratch themselves?
(Submitted by Miniberry)

Five guys walk into a bar, why didn't the sixth?
(Submitted by Daryl P.)

Why did Cinderella's soccer team always lose?
(Submitted by Alex Griffin)

Why did Cinderella's coach sit her on the bench?
(Submitted by Patrick M.)

A butcher is six foot tall, wears size 14 shoes, and has a 50 inch waist. What does he weigh?
(Submitted by Eric Davies)

You are trapped in a room with no windows and a locked door. How do you get out?
(Submitted by Vickie)

Who said: "Duh suddle cub
up to borrow"?
(Submitted by Patrick M.)

Forewards it is heavy,
backwards it is not.
What is it?
(Submitted by Amy Crawford)

The more you feed it
The more it grows high
But if you give it water
It shall quickly Die
What is it??
(Submitted by Jasmine And Sherwin)

The Begining of eternity
The end of space
The begining of every end
The end of every place
What am I??????
(Submitted by Jasmine And Sherwin)

Why is the sun so bright?
(Submitted by Jasmine And Sherwin)

What starts with P, ends with E, and has thousands of letters in it?
(Submitted by Sara)

A man driving through the woods hit a rabbit. Quickly stopping his car he pours a bottle of liquid over the rabbit. The rabbit jumps up and walks back into the woods waving goodbye all the way. What was in the bottle?
(Submitted by Kyle Garrett)

Why did a man get off the elevator everyday on the 15th floor and walk upstairs to his home on the 27th floor?
(Submitted by Shannon Potter)

Ten copycats were sitting on a bridge. One jumped off, how many were left?
(Submitted by NYWillie)

Issues, issues, issues, issues, issues, issues, issues, issues, issues, issues, what do you need next?
(Submitted by Marilyn Stevens)

What did the cherry tree say to the farmer?
(Submitted by Janey)

What is the difference between a teacher and a train?
(Submitted by RNPUTMAN)

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